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Luke 10:21

In that same hour (en auth th wrai). Literally, "at the hour itself," almost a demonstrative use of auto (Robertson, Grammar, p. 686) and in Luke alone in the N.T. ( 1 Peter 2:38 ; 1 Peter 10:21 ; 1 Peter 12:12 ; 1 Peter 20:19 ). Matthew 11:25 uses the demonstrative here, "at that time" (en ekeinwi twi kairwi). Rejoiced in the Holy Spirit (hgalliasato twi pneumati twi agiwi). First aorist middle of the late verb agalliaw for agallw, to exult. Always in the middle in the N.T. save Luke 1:47 in Mary's Magnificat. This holy joy of Jesus was directly due to the Holy Spirit. It is joy in the work of his followers, their victories over Satan, and is akin to the joy felt by Jesus in John 4:32-38 when the vision of the harvest of the world stirred his heart. The rest of this verse is precisely like Matthew 11:25 , a peculiarly Johannine passage in Matthew and Luke, but not in Mark, and so from Q (the Logia of Jesus). It has disturbed critics who are unwilling to admit the Johannine style and type of teaching as genuine, but here it is. See on Matthew for discussion. "That God had proved his independence of the human intellect is a matter for thankfulness. Intellectual gifts, so far from being necessary, are often a hindrance" (Plummer).

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