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Luke 10:25

And tempted him (ekpeirazwn auton). Present active participle, conative idea, trying to tempt him. There is no "and" in the Greek. He "stood up (anesth, ingressive second aorist active) trying to tempt him." Peirazw is a late form of peiraw and ekpeirazw apparently only in the LXX, and N.T. (quoted by Jesus from Deuteronomy 6:16 in Matthew 4:7 ; Luke 4:12 against Satan). Here and 1 Corinthians 10:9 . The spirit of this lawyer was evil. He wanted to entrap Jesus if possible. What shall I do to inherit eternal life? (Ti poihsa zwhn aiwniou klhronomhsw;). Literally, "By doing what shall I inherit eternal life?" Note the emphasis on "doing" (poihsa). The form of his question shows a wrong idea as to how to get it. Eternal life (zwhn aiwnion) is endless life as in John's Gospel ( John 16:9 ; John 18:18 John 18:30 ) and in Matthew 25:46 , which see.

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