Luke 10:34

Bound up his wounds (katedhsen ta traumata). First aorist active indicative of katadew, old verb, but here only in the N.T. The verb means "bound down." We say "bind up." Medical detail that interested Luke. The word for "wounds" (traumata) here only in the N.T. Pouring on them oil and wine (epicewn elaion kai oinon). Old verb again, but here only in the N.T. Oil and wine were household remedies even for wounds (soothing oil, antiseptic alcohol). Hippocrates prescribed for ulcers: "Bind with soft wool, and sprinkle with wine and oil." Set him (epibibasa). An old verb epibibazw (epi, bibazw), to cause to mount. In the N.T. only here and Acts 19:35 ; Acts 23:24 , common in LXX. Beast (kthno). Old word from ktaomai, to acquire, and so property (kthma) especially cattle or any beast of burden. An inn (pandoceion). The old Attic form was pandokeion (from pan, all, and decomai, to receive). A public place for receiving all comers and a more pretentious caravanserai than a kataluma like that in Luke 2:7 . Here only in the N.T. There are ruins of two inns about halfway between Bethany and Jericho.

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