Luke 10:4

Purse (ballantion). Old word for money-bag, sometimes a javelin as if from ballw. Only in Luke in the N.T. ( Matthew 10:4 ; Matthew 12:33 ; Matthew 22:35 ). See Luke 9:3 ; Mark 6:7 ; Matthew 10:9 for the other similar items. Salute no man on the way (mhdena kata thn odon aspashsqe). First aorist (ingressive) middle subjunctive with mhdena. The peril of such wayside salutations was palaver and delay. The King's business required haste. Elisha's servant was not to tarry for salutations or salaams ( 2 Kings 4:29 ). These oriental greetings were tedious, complicated, and often meddlesome if others were present or engaged in a bargain.

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