Luke 10:41

Art anxious (merimnai). An old verb for worry and anxiety from merizw (meri, part) to be divided, distracted. Jesus had warned against this in the Sermon on the Mount ( Matthew 6:25 Matthew 6:28 Matthew 6:31 Matthew 6:34 . See also Luke 12:11 Luke 12:22 Luke 12:26 ). And troubled (kai qorubazh). From qorubazomai, a verb found nowhere else so far. Many MSS. here have the usual form turbazh, from turbazw. Apparently from qorubo, a common enough word for tumult. Martha had both inward anxiety and outward agitation. But one thing is needful (eno de estin creia). This is the reading of A C and may be correct. A few manuscripts have: "There is need of few things." Aleph B L (and Westcott and Hort) have: "There is need of few things or one," which seems like a conflate reading though the readings are all old. See Robertson, Introduction to Textual Criticism of the N.T., p. 190. Jesus seems to say to Martha that only one dish was really necessary for the meal instead of the "many" about which she was so anxious.

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