Luke 10:7

In that same house (en auth th oikiai). Literally, in the house itself, not "in the same house" (en th auth oikiai), a different construction. A free rendering of the common Lukan idiom is, "in that very house." Eating (esqonte). An old poetic verb esqw for esqiw that survives in late Greek. Such things as they give (ta par autwn). "The things from them." For the labourer is worthy of his hire (axio gar o ergath tou misqou autou). In Matthew 10:10 we have th troph autou (his food). 1 Timothy 5:18 has this saying quoted as scripture. That is not impossible if Luke wrote by A.D. 62. Paul there however may quote only Deuteronomy 25:4 as scripture and get this quotation either from Luke 10:7 or from a proverbial saying of Jesus. It is certainly not a real objection against the Pauline authorship of First Timothy. Go not from house to house (mh metabainete ex oikia ei oikian). As a habit, mh and the present imperative, and so avoid waste of time with such rounds of invitations as would come.