Luke 11:11

Of which of you that is a father (tina de ex umwn ton patera). There is a decided anacoluthon here. The MSS. differ a great deal. The text of Westcott and Hort makes ton patera (the father) in apposition with tina (of whom) and in the accusative the object of aithsei (shall ask) which has also another accusative (both person and thing) "a loaf." So far so good. But the rest of the sentence is, will ye give him a stone? (mh liqon epidwsei autwi;). Mh shows that the answer No is expected, but the trouble is that the interrogative tina in the first clause is in the accusative the object of aithsei while here the same man (he) is the subject of epidwsei. It is a very awkward piece of Greek and yet it is intelligible. Some of the old MSS. do not have the part about "loaf" and "stone," but only the two remaining parts about "fish" and "serpent," "egg" and "scorpion." The same difficult construction is carried over into these questions also.