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Luke 11:37

Now as he spake (en de twi lalhsai). Luke's common idiom, en with the articular infinitive (aorist active infinitive) but it does not mean "after he had spoken" as Plummer argues, but simply "in the speaking," no time in the aorist infinitive. See Matthew 3:21 for similar use of aorist infinitive with en. Asketh (erwtai). Present active indicative, dramatic present. Request, not question. To dine (opw aristhsh). Note opw rather than the common ina. Aorist active subjunctive rather than present, for a single meal. The verb is from ariston (breakfast). See distinction between ariston and deipnon (dinner or supper) in Luke 14:12 . It is the morning meal (breakfast or lunch) after the return from morning prayers in the synagogue ( Matthew 22:4 ), not the very early meal called akratisma. The verb is, however, used for the early meal on the seashore in John 21:12 John 21:15 . With him (par autwi). By his side. Sat down to meat (anepesen). Second aorist active indicative of anapiptw, old verb, to recline, to fall back on the sofa or lounge. No word here for "to meat."

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