Luke 11:39

The Lord (o kurio). The Lord Jesus plainly and in the narrative portion of Luke. Now (nun). Probably refers to him. You Pharisees do now what was formerly done. The platter (tou pinako). The dish. Old word, rendered "the charger" in Matthew 14:8 . Another word for "platter" (paropsi) in Matthew 23:25 means "side-dish." But your inward part (to de eswqen umwn). The part within you (Pharisees). They keep the external regulations, but their hearts are full of plunder (arpagh, from arpazw, to seize) and wickedness (ponhria, from ponhro, evil man). See Matthew 23:25 for a like indictment of the Pharisees for care for the outside of the cup but neglect of what is on the inside. Both inside and outside should be clean, but the inside first.

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