Luke 11:42

Tithe (apodekatoute). Late verb for the more common dekateuw. So in Matthew 23:23 . Take a tenth off (apo-). Rue (phganon). Botanical term in late writers from phgnumi, to make fast because of its thick leaves. Here Matthew 23:23 has "anise." Every herb (pan lacanon). General term as in Mark 4:32 . Matthew has "cummin." Pass by (parercesqe). Present middle indicative of parercomai, common verb, to go by or beside. Matthew 23:23 has "ye have left undone" (aphkate). Luke here has "love" (agaphn), not in Matthew. Ought (edei). As in Matthew. Imperfect of a present obligation, not lived up to just like our "ought" (owed, not paid). Pareinai, as in Matthew, the second aorist active infinitive of apihmi. to leave off. Common verb. Luke does not have the remark about straining out the gnat and swallowing the camel ( Matthew 23:34 ). It is plain that the terrible exposure of the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23 in the temple was simply the culmination of previous conflicts such as this one.

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