Luke 11:49

The wisdom of God (h sopia tou qeou). In Matthew 23:34 Jesus uses "I send" (egw apostellw) without this phrase "the wisdom of God." There is no book to which it can refer. Jesus is the wisdom of God as Paul shows ( 1 Corinthians 1:30 ), but it is hardly likely that he so describes himself here. Probably he means that God in his wisdom said, but even so "Jesus here speaks with confident knowledge of the Divine counsels" (Plummer). See Luke 10:22 ; Luke 15:7 Luke 15:10 . Here the future tense occurs, "I will send" (apostelw). Some of them (ex autwn). No "some" (tina) in the Greek, but understood. They will act as their fathers did. They will kill and persecute.