Luke 12:29

Seek not ye (umei mh zhteite). Note emphatic position of "ye" (umei). Stop seeking (mh and present imperative active). Matthew 6:31 has: "Do not become anxious" (mh merimnhshte), mh and ingressive subjunctive occur as direct questions (What are we to eat? What are we to drink? What are we to put on?) whereas here they are in the indirect form as in verse Matthew 22 save that the problem of clothing is not here mentioned: Neither be ye of doubtful mind (kai mh metewrizesqe). Mh and present passive imperative (stop being anxious) of metewrizw. An old verb from metewro in midair, high (our meteor), to lift up on high, then to lift oneself up with hopes (false sometimes), to be buoyed up, to be tossed like a ship at sea, to be anxious, to be in doubt as in late writers (Polybius, Josephus). This last meaning is probably true here. In the LXX and Philo, but here only in the N.T.