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Luke 12:39

The thief (o klepth). The change here almost makes a new parable to illustrate the other, the parable of the housebreaking (verses Luke 39 40 ) to illustrate the parable of the waiting servants ( Luke 35-38 ). This same language appears in Matthew 24:43 . "The Master returning from a wedding is replaced by a thief whose study it is to come to the house he means to plunder at an unexpected time" (Bruce). The parallel in Matthew 24:43-51 with Luke 12:39-46 does not have the interruption by Peter. He would have watched (egrhgorhsen an). Apodosis of second-class condition, determined as unfulfilled, made plain by use of an with aorist indicative which is not repeated with ouk aphken (first aorist active indicative of apihmi, k aorist), though it is sometimes repeated ( Matthew 24:43 ).

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