Luke 12:5

Whom ye shall fear (tina pobhqhte). First aorist passive subjunctive deliberative retained in the indirect question. Tina is the accusative, the direct object of this transitive passive verb (note apo in verse Acts 4 ). Fear him who (pobhqhte ton). First aorist passive imperative, differing from the preceding form only in the accent and governing the accusative also. After he hath killed (meta to apokteinai). Preposition meta with the articular infinitive. Literally, "After the killing" (first aorist active infinitive of the common verb apokteinw, to kill. Into hell (ei thn geennan). See on Matthew 5:22 . Gehenna is a transliteration of Ge-Hinnom, Valley of Hinnon where the children were thrown on to the red-hot arms of Molech. Josiah ( 2 Kings 23:10 ) abolished these abominations and then it was a place for all kinds of refuse which burned ceaselessly and became a symbol of punishment in the other world. This one fear (touton pobhqhte). As above.

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