Luke 12:50

I have a baptism (baptisma de ecw). Once again Jesus will call his baptism the baptism of blood and will challenge James and John to it ( Mark 10:32 ; Matthew 20:22 ). So here. "Having used the metaphor of fire, Christ now uses the metaphor of water. The one sets forth the result of his coming as it affects the world, the other as it affects himself. The world is lit up with flames and Christ is bathed in blood" (Plummer). And how I am straitened (kai pw sunecomai). See this same vivid verb sunecomai in Luke 8:37 ; Acts 18:5 ; Philippians 1:23 where Paul uses it of his desire for death just as Jesus does here. The urge of the Cross is upon Jesus at the moment of these words. We catch a glimpse of the tremendous passion in his soul that drove him on. Till it be accomplished (ew otou telesqh). First aorist passive subjunctive of telew with ew otou (until which time), the common construction for the future with this conjunction.

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