Luke 12:54

To the multitudes also (kai toi ocloi). After the strong and stirring words just before with flash and force Jesus turns finally in this series of discourses to the multitudes again as in verse Matthew 15 . There are similar sayings to these verses Matthew 54-59 in Matthew 16:1 ; Matthew 5:25 . There is a good deal of difference in phraseology whether that is due to difference of source or different use of the same source (Q or Logia) we do not know. Not all the old MSS. give Matthew 16:2 Matthew 16:3 . In Matthew the Pharisees and Sadducees were asking for a sign from heaven as they often did. These signs of the weather, "a shower" (ombro, Luke 12:54 ) due to clouds in the west, "a hot wave" (kauswn, verse 55) due to a south wind (noton) blowing, "fair weather" (eudia, Matthew 16:2 ) when the sky is red, are appealed to today. They have a more or less general application due to atmospheric and climatic conditions.

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