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Luke 13:11

A spirit of infirmity (pneuma asqeneia). A spirit that caused the weakness (asqeneia, lack of strength) like a spirit of bondage ( Romans 8:15 ), genitive case. She was bowed together (hn sunkuptousa). Periphrastic imperfect active of sunkuptw, old verb, here only in the N.T., to bend together, medical word for curvature of the spine. And could in no wise lift herself up (kai mh dunamenh anakupsai ei to pantele). Negative form of the previous statement. Anakupsai, first aorist active infinitive of anakuptw (ana, kuptw, same verb above compounded with sun). Unable to bend herself up or back at all (ei to pantele, wholly as in Hebrews 7:25 only other passage in the N.T. where it occurs). The poor old woman had to come in all bent over.

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