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Luke 13:15

The Lord answered him (apekriqh de autwi o Kurio). Note use of "the Lord" of Jesus again in Luke's narrative. Jesus answered the ruler of the synagogue who had spoken to the crowd, but about Jesus. It was a crushing and overwhelming reply. Hypocrites (upokritai). This pretentious faultfinder and all who agree with him. Each of you (ekasto umwn). An argumentum ad hominen. These very critics of Jesus cared too much for an ox or an ass to leave it all the sabbath without water. Stall (patnh). Old word, in the N.T. only here and Luke 2:7 Luke 2:12 Luke 2:16 the manger where the infant Jesus was placed. To watering (potizei). Old verb, causative, to give to drink.

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