Luke 13:19

A grain of mustard seed (kokkwi sinapew). Either the sinapis nigra or the salvadora persica, both of which have small seeds and grow to twelve feet at times. The Jews had a proverb: "Small as a mustard seed." Given by Mark 4:30-32 ; Matthew 13:31 in the first great group of parables, but just the sort to be repeated. Cast into his own garden (ebalen ei khpon eautou). Different from "earth" (Mark) or "field" (Matthew.)" Khpo, old word for garden, only here in the N.T. and John 19:1 John 19:26 ; John 19:41 . Became a tree (egeneto ei dendron). Common Hebraism, very frequent in LXX, only in Luke in the N.T., but does appear in Koin though rare in papyri; this use of ei after words like ginomai. It is a translation Hebraism in Luke. Lodged (kateskhnwsen). Mark and Matthew have kataskhnoin infinitive of the same verb, to make tent (or nest).

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