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Luke 14:10

Sit down (anapese). Second aorist active imperative of anapiptw, to fall up or back, to lie back or down. Late Greek word for anaklinw (cf. kataklinw in verse Luke 8 ). He that hath bidden thee (o keklhkw se). Perfect active participle as in verse Luke 12 (twi keklhkoti) with which compare o kalesa in verse Luke 9 (first aorist active participle). He may say (erei). The future indicative with ina does occur in the Koin (papyri) and so in the N.T. (Robertson, Grammar, p. 984). Go up higher (prosanabhqi). Second aorist active imperative second singular of prosanabainw, an old double compound verb, but here only in the N.T. Probably, "Come up higher," because the call comes from the host and because of pro.

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