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Luke 14:16

Made (epoiei). Imperfect active, was on the point of making (inchoative). Great supper (deipnon). Or dinner, a formal feast. Jesus takes up the conventional remark of the guest and by this parable shows that such an attitude was no guarantee of godliness (Bruce). This parable of the marriage of the King's son ( Luke 14:15-24 ) has many points of likeness to the parable of the wedding garment ( Matthew 22:1-14 ) and as many differences also. The occasions are very different, that in Matthew grows out of the attempt to arrest Jesus while this one is due to the pious comment of a guest at the feast and the wording is also quite different. Hence we conclude that they are distinct parables. And he bade many (kai ekalesen pollou). Aorist active, a distinct and definite act following the imperfect epoiei.

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