Luke 14:31

To encounter (sunbalein). Second aorist active infinitive of sunballw, old and common verb, to throw or bring together, to dispute, to clash in war as here. Another king (eterwi basilei), to grapple with another king in war or for war (ei polemon). Associative instrumental case. Take counsel (bouleusetai). Future middle indicative of old and common verb bouleuw, from boulh, will, counsel. The middle means to take counsel with oneself, to deliberate, to ponder. With ten thousand (en deka ciliasin). Literally, in ten thousand. See this so-called instrumental use of en in Jude 1:14 . Equipped in or with ten thousand. See Luke 1:17 . Note meta eikosi ciliadwn just below (midst of twenty thousand). To meet (upanthsai). Common verb (like apantaw) from antaw (anta, end, face to face, from which anti) with preposition upo (or apo), to go to meet. Here it has a military meaning.

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