Luke 14:7

A parable for those which were bidden (pro tou keklhmenou parabolhn). Perfect passive participle of kalew, to call, to invite. This parable is for the guests who were there and who had been watching Jesus. When he marked (epecwn). Present active participle of epecw with ton noun understood, holding the mind upon them, old verb and common. They chose out (exelegonto). Imperfect middle, were picking out for themselves. The chief seats (ta prwtoklisia). The first reclining places at the table. Jesus condemned the Pharisees later for this very thing ( Matthew 23:6 ; Mark 12:39 ; Luke 20:46 ). On a couch holding three the middle place was the chief one. At banquets today the name of the guests are usually placed at the plates. The place next to the host on the right was then, as now, the post of honour.

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