Luke 16:22

Was borne (apenecqhnai). First aorist passive infinitive from apoperw, a common compound defective verb. The accusative case of general reference (auton) is common with the infinitive in such clauses after egeneto, like indirect discourse. It is his soul, of course, that was so borne by the angels, not his body. Into Abraham's bosom (ei ton olpon Abraam). To be in Abraham's bosom is to the Jew to be in Paradise. In John 1:18 the Logos is in the bosom of the Father. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are in heaven and welcome those who come ( Matthew 8:11 ; 4Macc. 14:17). The beloved disciple reclined on the bosom of Jesus at the last passover ( John 13:23 ) and this fact indicates special favour. So the welcome to Lazarus was unusual. Was buried (etaph). Second aorist (effective) passive of the common verb qaptw. Apparently in contrast with the angelic visitation to the beggar.

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