Luke 16:4

I am resolved (egnwn). Second aorist active indicative of ginwskw. A difficult tense to reproduce in English. I knew, I know, I have known, all miss it a bit. It is a burst of daylight to the puzzled, darkened man: I've got it, I see into it now, a sudden solution. What to do (ti poihsw). Either deliberative first aorist active subjunctive or deliberative future active indicative. When I am put out (otan metastaqw). First aorist passive subjunctive of meqisthmi, (meta, isthmi), old verb, to transpose, transfer, remove. He is expecting to be put out. They may receive me (dexwntai). First aorist middle subjunctive of decomai, common verb. Subjunctive with final particle ina. He wishes to put the debtors under obligation to himself. Debtors (twn creopiletwn). A late word. In the N.T. only here and Luke 7:41 from creo, loan, and opeileth, debtor. It is probable that he dealt with "each one" separately.

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