Luke 16:2

What is this that I hear? (ti touto akouw;). There are several ways of understanding this terse Greek idiom. The Revised Version (above) takes ti to be equal to ti estin touto o akouw; That is a possible use of the predicate touto. Another way is to take ti to be exclamatory, which is less likely. Still another view is that ti is " Why": "Why do I hear this about thee?" See Acts 14:15 where that is the idiom employed. Render (apodo). Second aorist active imperative of apodidwmi, Give back (and at once). The account (ton logon). The reckoning or report. Common use of logo. Stewardship (oikonomia). Same root as oikonomo (steward). This demand does not necessarily mean dismissal if investigation proved him innocent of the charges. But the reason given implies that he is to be dismissed: Thou canst no longer (ou gar dunh).

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