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Luke 17:6

If ye have (ei ecete). Condition of the first class, assumed to be true. Ye would say (elegete an). Imperfect active with an and so a conclusion (apodosis) of the second class, determined as unfulfilled, a mixed condition therefore. Sycamine tree (sukaminwi). At the present time both the black mulberry (sycamine) and the white mulberry (sycamore) exist in Palestine. Luke alone in the N.T. uses either word, the sycamine here, the sycamore in Luke 19:4 . The distinction is not observed in the LXX, but it is observed in the late Greek medical writers for both trees have medicinal properties. Hence it may be assumed that Luke, as a physician, makes the distinction. Both trees differ from the English sycamore. In Matthew 17:20 we have "mountain" in place of "sycamine tree." Be thou rooted up (ekrizwqhti). First aorist passive imperative as is puteuqhti. Would have obeyed (uphkousen an). First aorist active indicative with an, apodosis of a second-class condition (note aorist tense here, imperfect elegete).

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