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Luke 18:13

Standing afar off (makroqen estw). Second perfect active participle of isthmi, intransitive like staqei above. But no ostentation as with the Pharisee in verse Numbers 11 . At a distance from the Pharisee, not from the sanctuary. Would not lift (ouk hqelen oude eparai). Negatives (double) imperfect of thel, was not willing even to lift up, refused to lift (eparai, first aorist active infinitive of the liquid compound verb, ep-airw). Smote (etupte). Imperfect active of tuptw, old verb, kept on smiting or beating. Worshippers usually lifted up their closed eyes to God. Be merciful (ilasqhti). First aorist passive imperative of ilaskomai, an old verb, found also in LXX and inscriptions (exilaskomai, Deissmann, Bible Studies, p. 224). A sinner (twi amartwlwi). The sinner, not a sinner. It is curious how modern scholars ignore this Greek article. The main point in the contrast lies in this article. The Pharisee thought of others as sinners. The publican thinks of himself alone as the sinner, not of others at all.

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