Luke 18:18

Ruler (arcwn). Not in Mark 10:17 ; Matthew 19:16 . What shall I do to inherit? (Ti poihsa klhronomhsw;). doing what shall I inherit?" Aorist active participle and future active indicative. Precisely the same question is asked by the lawyer in Luke 10:25 . This young man probably thought that by some one act he could obtain eternal life. He was ready to make a large expenditure for it. Good (agaqon). See on "Mr 10:17"; Matthew 19:16 for discussion of this adjective for absolute goodness. Plummer observes that no Jewish rabbi was called "good" in direct address. The question of Jesus will show whether it was merely fulsome flattery on the part of the young man or whether he really put Jesus on a par with God. He must at any rate define his attitude towards Christ.

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