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Luke 18:31

Took unto him (paralabwn). Second aorist active participle of paralambanw. Taking along with himself. So Mark 10:32 . Matthew 20:17 adds kat idian (apart). Jesus is making a special point of explaining his death to the Twelve. We go up (anabainomen). Present active indicative, we are going up. Unto the Son of man (twi uiwi tou anqrwpou). Dative case of personal interest. The position is amphibolous and the construction makes sense either with "shall be accomplished" (telesqhsetai) or "that are written" (ta gegrammena), probably the former. Compare these minute details of the prophecy here (verses Matthew 32 ) with the words in Mark 10:33 ; Matthew 20:18 , which see.

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