Luke 19:23

Then wherefore (kai dia ti). Note this inferential use of kai- in that case. Into the bank (epi trapezan). Literally, upon a table. This old word trapeza, from tetrapeza (tetra, four, pou, foot). It means then any table ( Mark 7:28 ), food on the table ( Acts 16:34 ), feast or banquet ( Romans 11:9 ), table of the money-changers ( John 2:15 ; Mark 11:15 ; Matthew 21:12 ), or bank as here. Our word bank is from Old English bench. With interest (sun tokwi). Not usury, but proper and legal interest. Old word from tiktw, to bring forth. In the N.T. only here and Matthew 25:27 . Should have required it (an auto epraxa). Conclusion of second-class condition the condition or apodosis being implied in the participle "coming" (elqwn), and the previous question. On this technical use of prassw (epraxa) see Luke 3:13 .

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