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Luke 19:37

At the descent (pro th katabasei). Epexegetic of "drawing nigh." They were going by the southern slope of the Mount of Olives. As they turned down to the city, the grand view stirred the crowd to rapturous enthusiasm. This was the first sight of the city on this route which is soon obscured in the descent. The second view bursts out again (verse Acts 41 ). It was a shout of triumph from the multitude with their long pent-up enthusiasm (verse Acts 11 ), restrained no longer by the parable of the pounds. For all the mighty works which they had seen (peri paswn eidon dunamewn). Neat Greek idiom, incorporation of the antecedent (dunamewn) into the relative clause and attraction of the case of the relative from the accusative a to the genitive wn. And note "all." The climax had come, Lazarus, Bartimaeus, and the rest.

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