Luke 2:1

Decree from Caesar Augustus (dogma para Kaisaro Augoustou). Old and common word from dokew, to think, form an opinion. No such decree was given by Greek or Roman historians and it was for long assumed by many scholars that Luke was in error. But papyri and inscriptions have confirmed Luke on every point in these crucial verses Luke 2:1-7 . See W.M. Ramsay's books (Was Christ Born at Bethelehem? Luke the Physician. The Bearing of Recent Discovery on the Trustworthiness of the N.T.). The World (thn oikoumenhn). Literally, the inhabited (land, ghn). Inhabited by the Greeks, then by the Romans, then the whole world (Roman world, the world ruled by Rome). So Acts 11:28 ; Acts 17:6 . Should be enrolled (apograpesqai). It was a census, not a taxing, though taxing generally followed and was based on the census. This word is very old and common. It means to write or copy off for the public records, to register.

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