Luke 2:25

Devout (eulabh). Used only by Luke ( Acts 2:5 ; Acts 8:2 ; Acts 22:12 ) in the N.T. Common in ancient Greek from Plato on. It means taking hold well or carefully (eu and labein) and so reverently, circumspectly. Looking for the consolation of Israel (prosdecomeno paraklhsin tou Israel). Old Greek verb to admit to one's presence ( Luke 15:2 ) and then to expect as here and of Anna in verse Luke 2:38 . Paraklsin here means the Messianic hope ( Isaiah 11:10 ; Isaiah 40:1 ), calling to one's side for cheer. Upon him (ep auton). This is the explanation of his lively Messianic hope. It was due to the Holy Spirit. Simeon and Anna are representatives of real piety in this time of spiritual dearth and deadness.