Luke 2:27

When the parents brought in the child Jesus (en twi eisagagein tou gonei to paidion Ihsoun). A neat Greek and Hebrew idiom difficult to render into English, very common in the LXX; In the bringing the Child Jesus as to the parents. The articular infinitive and two accusatives (one the object, the other accusative of general reference). After the custom of the law (kata to eiqismenon tou nomou). Here the perfect passive participle eiqismenon, neuter singular from eqizw (common Greek verb, to accustom) is used as a virtual substantive like to eqo in Matthew 1:8 . Luke alone in the N.T. uses either word save eqo in John 19:40 , though eiwqa from eqw, occurs also in Matthew 27:15 ; Mark 10:1 .

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