Luke 2:38

Coming up (epistasa). Second aorist active participle. The word often has the notion of coming suddenly or bursting in as of Martha in Luke 10:40 . But here it probably means coming up and standing by and so hearing Simeon's wonderful words so that her words form a kind of footnote to his. Gave thanks (anqwmologeito). Imperfect middle of a verb (anqomologew) in common use in Greek writers and in the LXX though here alone in the N.T. It had the idea of a mutual agreement or of saying something before one (anti). Anna was evidently deeply moved and repeated her thanksgiving and kept speaking (elalei, imperfect again) "to all them that were looking for (prosdecomenoi, as in Luke 1:35 of Simeon) the redemption of Jerusalem (lutrwsin Ierousalhm)." There was evidently a group of such spirits that gathered in the temple either men around her and Simeon or whom she met from time to time. There was thus a nucleus of old saints in Jerusalem prepared for the coming of the Messiah when he at last appears as the Messiah in Jerusalem (John 2 and 3). These probably all passed away. But they had a happy hour of hope and joy. The late MSS. have "in Jerusalem" but "of Jerusalem" is correct. What they meant by the "redemption of Jerusalem" is not clear, whether political or spiritual or both. Simeon was looking for the consolation of Israel ( Luke 2:25 ) and Zacharias ( Luke 1:68 ) sang of redemption for Israel ( Isaiah 40:2 ).

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