Luke 2:40

The child grew (huxane). Imperfect indicative of a very ancient verb (auxanw). This child grew and waxed strong (ekrataiouto, imperfect middle), a hearty vigorous little boy (paidion). Both verbs Luke used in Luke 1:80 of the growth of John the Baptist as a child. Then he used also pneumati, in spirit. Here in addition to the bodily development Luke has "filled with wisdom" (plhroumenon sopiai). Present passive participle, showing that the process of filling with wisdom kept pace with the bodily growth. If it were only always true with others! We need not be troubled over this growth in wisdom on the part of Jesus any more than over his bodily growth. "The intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth of the Child, like the physical, was real. His was a perfect humanity developing perfectly, unimpeded by hereditary or acquired defects. It was the first instance of such a growth in history. For the first time a human infant was realizing the ideal of humanity" (Plummer). The grace of God (cari qeou). In full measure.

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