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Luke 2:51

He was subject unto them (hn upotassomeno autoi). Periphrastic imperfect passive. He continued subject unto them, this wondrous boy who really knew more than parents and rabbis, this gentle, obedient, affectionate boy. The next eighteen years at Nazareth ( Luke 3:23 ) he remained growing into manhood and becoming the carpenter of Nazareth ( Mark 6:3 ) in succession to Joseph ( Matthew 13:55 ) who is mentioned here for the last time. Who can tell the wistful days when Jesus waited at Nazareth for the Father to call him to his Messianic task? Kept (diethrei). Imperfect active. Ancient Greek word (diathrew), but only here and Acts 15:29 in the N.T. though in Genesis 37:11 . She kept thoroughly (dia) all these recent sayings (or things, rhmata). In Genesis 2:19 sunethrei is the word used of Mary after the shepherds left. These she kept pondering and comparing all the things. Surely she has a full heart now. Could she foresee how destiny would take Jesus out beyond her mother's reach?

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