Luke 20:21

Rightly (orqw). Matthew ( Matthew 22:16 ) notes that these "spies" were "disciples" (students) of the Pharisees and Mark ( Mark 12:13 ) adds that the Herodians are also involved in the plot. These bright theologues are full of palaver and flattery and openly endorse the teaching of Jesus as part of their scheme. Acceptest not the person of any (ou lambanei proswpon). Dost not take the face (or personal appearance) as the test. It is a Hebraism from which the word proswpolempsia ( James 2:1 ) comes. Originally it meant to lift the face, to lift the countenance, to regard the face, to accept the face value. See Mark 12:13-17 ; Matthew 22:15-22 for discussion of details here. They both have blepei here.

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