Luke 22:38

Lord, behold, here are two swords (kurie idou macairai wde duo). They took his words literally. And before this very night is over Peter will use one of these very swords to try to cut off the head of Malchus only to be sternly rebuked by Jesus ( Mark 14:47 ; Matthew 26:51 ; Luke 22:50 ; John 18:10 ). Then Jesus will say: "For all that take the sword shall perish with the sword" ( Matthew 26:52 ). Clearly Jesus did not mean his language even about the sword to be pressed too literally. So he said: "It is enough" (Hikanon estin). It is with sad irony and sorrow that Jesus thus dismisses the subject. They were in no humour now to understand the various sides of this complicated problem. Every preacher and teacher understands this mood, not of impatience, but of closing the subject for the present.