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Luke 22:59

After the space of about one hour (diastash wsei wra mia). Genitive absolute with second aorist active participle feminine singular of diisthmi. This classical verb in the N.T. is used only by Luke ( Mark 22:59 ; Mark 24:51 ; Acts 27:28 ). It means standing in two or apart, about an hour intervening. Confidently affirmed (diiscurizeto). Imperfect middle, he kept affirming strongly. An old verb (dia, iscurizomai), to make oneself strong, to make emphatic declaration. In the N.T. only here and Acts 12:15 . For he is a Galilean (kai gar Galilaio estin). Matthew 26:73 makes it plain that it was his speech that gave him away, which see.

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