Luke 22:66

As soon as it was day (w egeneto hmera). Mark 15:1 ( Matthew 27:1 ) has "morning." The assembly of the people (to presbuterion tou laou). The technical word for "the eldership" (from presbutero, an old man or elder) or group of the elders composing the Sanhedrin. The word occurs in the LXX for the Sanhedrin. In the N.T. occurs only here and Acts 22:5 of the Sanhedrin. In 1 Timothy 4:14 Paul uses it of the elders in a church (or churches). The Sanhedrin was composed of the elders and scribes and chief priests ( Mark 15:1 ) and all three groups are at this meeting. Luke's language (both chief priests and scribes, te ... kai) seems to apply the word presbuterion to the whole Sanhedrin. Sadducees (chief priests) and Pharisees (scribes) were nearly equally represented. Into their council (ei to sunedrion autwn). The place of the gathering is not given, but Jesus was led into the council chamber.