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Luke 22:2

Sought (ezhtoun). Imperfect active of zhtew, were seeking, conative imperfect. How they might put him to death (to pw anelwsin auton). Second aorist active deliberative subjunctive (retained in indirect question) of anairew, to take up, to make away with, to slay. Common in Old Greek. Luke uses it so here and in Matthew 23:32 and eighteen times in the Acts, a favourite word with him. Note the accusative neuter singular article to with the whole clause, "as to the how, etc." For they feared (epobounto gar). Imperfect middle describing the delay of the "how." The triumphal entry and the temple speeches of Jesus had revealed his tremendous power with the people, especially the crowds from Galilee at the feast. They were afraid to go on with their plan to kill him at the feast.

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