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Luke 23:27

Followed (hkolouqei). Imperfect active, was following. Verses Mark 27-32 are peculiar to Luke. Bewailed (ekoptonto). Imperfect middle of koptw, to cut, smite, old and common verb. Direct middle, they were smiting themselves on the breast. "In the Gospels there is no instance of a woman being hostile to Christ" (Plummer). Luke's Gospel is appropriately called the Gospel of Womanhood ( Mark 1:39-56 ; Mark 2:36-38 ; Mark 7:11-15, 37-50 Mark 37-50 ; Mark 8:1-3 ; Mark 10:38-42 ; Mark 11:27 Mark 13:11-16 ). Lamented (eqrhnoun). Imperfect active of qrhnew, old verb from qreomai, to cry aloud, lament.

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