Luke 23:35

The people stood beholding (isthkei). Past perfect active of isthmi, intransitive and like imperfect. A graphic picture of the dazed multitude, some of whom may have been in the Triumphal Entry on Sunday morning. Scoffed (exemukthrizon). Imperfect active, perhaps inchoative, began to turn up (out, ex) at the dying Christ. The language comes from Psalms 22:7 . The Christ of God (o Cristo tou qeou). He had claimed to be just this ( Psalms 22:67 Psalms 22:70 ). The sarcastic sneer (he saved others; let him save others, for himself he cannot save) is in Mark 15:31 ; Matthew 27:42 . Luke alone gives the contemptuous use of outo (this fellow) and the fling in "the elect" (o eklekto). These rulers were having their day at last.

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