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Luke 23:45

The sun's light failing (tou hliou ekleiponto). Genitive absolute of the present active participle of ekleipw, an old verb, to leave out, omit, pass by, to fail, to die. The word was used also of the eclipse of the sun or moon. But this was impossible at this time because the moon was full at the passover. Hence many documents change this correct text to "the sun was darkened" (eskotisqh o hlio) to obviate the difficulty about the technical eclipse. But the sun can be darkened in other ways. In a London fog at noon the street lights are often turned on. The Revised Version translates it correctly, "the sun's light failing." Leave the darkness unexplained. In the midst (meson). In the middle. Mark 15:38 ; Matthew 27:51 have "in two" (ei duo).

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