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Luke 23:48

Certainly (ontw). Really, old adverb from the participle on from eimi, to be. Used also in John 24:34 of the resurrection of Jesus. A righteous man (dikaio). Mark 15:39 ( Matthew 27:54 ) which see, represents the centurion as saying qeou uio (God's Son) which may mean to him little more than "righteous man." That came together (sunparagenomenoi). Double compound (sun, together, para, along), that came along together. To this sight (epi thn qewrian tauthn). This spectacle (qewrian from qewrew, verse Matthew 35 ). Returned (upestrepon). Imperfect active of upostrepw. See them slowly wending their way back to the city from this Tragedy of the Ages which they had witnessed in awe.

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