Luke 23:53

Took it down (kaqelwn). Second aorist active participle of kaqairew as in Mark 15:46 . Wrapped (enetulixen), as in Matthew 27:59 where Mark 15:46 has eneilhsen (wound), which see. John 19:40 has "bound" (edhsan). See Matt. and Mark also for the linen cloth (sindoni). Hewn in stone (laxeutwi). From laxeuw (la, a stone, xew, to polish). In the LXX and here only in the N.T. Nowhere else so far as known. See the usual Greek verb latomew in Mark 15:46 ; Matthew 27:60 . Where never man had yet lain (ou ouk en oudei oupw keimeno). Triple negative and periphrastic past perfect passive in sense (keimai), though periphrastic imperfect passive in form. Same item in John 19:40 who uses hn teqeimeno (periphrastic past perfect passive in form).

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