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Luke 23:55

Had come with him (hsan sunelhluquiai). Periphrastic past perfect active of sunercomai. Followed after (katakolouqhsasai). Aorist active participle of katakolouqew, an old verb, but in the N.T. only here and Acts 16:17 . It is possible that they followed after Joseph and Nicodemus so that they "beheld the tomb," (eqeasanto to mnhmeion), and also "how his body was laid" (w eteqh to swma autou). First aorist passive indicative of tiqhmi. They may in fact, have witnessed the silent burial from a distance. The Syriac Sinaitic and the Syriac Curetonian give it thus: "and the women, who came with Him from Galilee went to the sepulchre in their footsteps, and saw the body when they had brought it in there." At any rate the women saw "that" and "how" the body of Jesus was laid in this new tomb of Joseph in the rocks.

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