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Luke 3:7

To the multitude that went out (toi exporeuomenoi ocloi). Plural, Multitudes. The present participle also notes the repetition of the crowds as does elegen (imperfect), he used to say. Matthew 3:7-10 singles out the message of John to the Pharisees and Sadducees, which see for discussion of details. Luke gives a summary of his preaching to the crowds with special replies to these inquiries: the multitudes, Matthew 10 11 , the publicans Matthew 12 13 , the soldiers Matthew 14 . To be baptized of him (baptisqhnai up autou). This is the purpose of their coming. Matthew 3:7 has simply "to his baptism." John's metaphors are from the wilderness (vipers, fruits, axe, slave boy loosing sandals, fire, fan, thrashing-floor, garner, chaff, stones). Who warned you? (ti epedeixen umin;). The verb is like our "suggest" by proof to eye, ear, or brain ( Luke 6:47 ; Luke 12:5 ; Acts 9:16 ; Acts 20:35 ; Matthew 3:7 ). Nowhere else in the N.T. though common ancient word (upodeiknumi, show under, point out, give a tip or private hint).

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